I truly love fashion photography and all things fashion, so you will see that my work typically reflects this. My initial foray in photography was back in college in the days of film. As the photography world has changed and evolved to digital, the fundamental concepts of lighting and composition have not. Film photography for me has always had a more “fine art” feel to it and I have always loved that. I think having this background in film has shaped my approach and style of photography. I love images that have some sort of texture and grain so I look for that while planning a shoot, whether that texture is in the clothing on my subject or in the background of the image. 

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My style and approach

Sessions are relaxed and fun. Most decisions regarding location and styling will have taken place prior to the shoot which will allow us to have a fun and stress free session. While I am very serious about my job I am not a very serious person. I can guarantee you a lot of laughs on location and a really great time overall. I will provide a tremendous amount of direction in terms how to pose in ways that will look and feel natural. In terms of time, I typically spend one and a half to two hours with my clients. In most cases we are shooting outside with natural light so the most ideal time to shoot is 2 hours prior to sunset.

What are sessions like? 

It typically takes me 1-2 weeks to edit the session, depending on the time of year. I have learned over the years that clients prefer for me to send over an online gallery as opposed to meeting in person to review. I think it allows you to view the images and share with friends and family without feeling pressured to make decisions. The online gallery is a place where you can choose your favorite images and download right from this location.

What happens after the session?

I start by getting to know you and what you are looking to achieve. It is important that we communicate over email and text several times prior to the shoot to discuss location and styling. The styling component is an important element in creating the mood of the shoot. I will often weigh in on the wardrobe choices. In some cases I will create mood boards for clients, essentially this is a collage consisting of images of locations and samples of clothing to consider. I have learned that sessions run smoothly when we have a creative concept to work off of prior to the shoot.  

How do we start? 

Frequently asked questions

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Chris has been photographing my children for 10 years. What I’ve always considered a good investment has become photos that I deeply treasure. Her talent and creative genius is easily seen with the work she produces. Working with her is an amazing experience. Some homes have Monet on their walls—my walls are graciously adorned with CG Photography. So grateful to be able to work with Chris. She is one of a kind.”  

"She’s warm, funny and always puts my children at ease, giving me stunning images that I will adore and appreciate forever.

Chris Brickett has captured the true essence of my children during their senior photo shoots, even before the actual session. She advised us on location, clothing, hair and makeup so that they looked their best and most natural. She made it a point to continuously talk to, laugh with and ask questions of them – to get to know them and make them feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera. Chris went to great lengths to get the perfect shot, including walking through a mucky marsh because the light was “just right”.  Her work is impeccable and is second to none!

"Her signature creativity and willingness to take time and great care is evident in the MEMORABLE PHOTOS she creates.

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