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The Investment


Sessions are relaxed and fun!  Most decisions regarding location and styling will take place prior to the day of the shoot.  The styling component is an important element in creating the mood of the portrait, I work closely with the majority of my clients in terms of styling, location, etc.  Sessions run smoothly when we have a creative concept in advance to work off of.
It typically takes one and a half to two weeks for me to edit your images.  Once finished, I will provide you with an online gallery for your review.  Ordering should take place within three weeks of the posting of your online gallery.  Galleries expire in 30 days.  This should give you plenty of time to narrow down and select your images.



I recommend wearing something with a lot of texture, this seems to photography better than fabrics that are flat.  For example, even though a beautiful cotton dress may look amazing in person, this often looks flat in a photograph.  If you like cotton fabric, layer a scarf or necklace to help create some visual interest.  For footwear, I typically suggest shoes and/or boots for outdoors (something that compliments the outfit) and bare feet for indoors.
It can be difficult to coordinate colors and not look too matchy.  I recommend picking a few colors, but try not to put them in the same exact clothing.  The more layers, textures and colors… the better.  Try to pick colors that compliment each other.  I recommend bright or deep colors (jewel tones like deep purple, mustard yellow, turquoise, dark pink, etc.) and try to stay away from all white.
I do recommend investing in your child’s clothing for the session, since it does make a huge difference in the final product.  Search out local or online boutiques, they have one-of-a-kind styles.











Session Fees

Session fees include my time and talent along with my creative direction before and during the shoot.  This fee does not include any print or digital files unless otherwise stated below.   Session fees are due at time of booking to hold the date.  The remainder is due on or before the date of the shoot!
Senior Session Girls* 1.5-2 hours 
$100.00 deposit for session fee (up to three changes of clothing) + minimum spend of $350.00 for print or digital files  (Total minimum spend $450)
Senior Session Boys 1.5 hour
$100.00 deposit for session fee (2 changes) + minimum spend of $300.00 for print or digital files (Total minimum spend $400)
 *(Hair and makeup is recommended for Senior Girls and Modeling Head shots.  An additional $50 – $75.00 for hair and $75.00 for makeup.) 
Model Headshot Session* 1.5-2 hours
$450.00 (up to three changes of clothing) 20-25  high res files
Model Head Shot Mini session 45 min. $300 includes 10 digital files


Child Session – 1.5-2 hours
 session fee (up to three children) 25-30 edited gallery files to view.  Minimum spend of $300 for print or digital files.  (Total $500.00)
Mini child session – 45 min $250.00 includes approximately 15 digital files




Examples of Print Prices Below…

Additional sizes and products available, please inquire.




Full set of digital files are available to purchase for $350.00.  This includes full copyright release of the entire collection of high resolution files.  Single digital files are available at $50.00 per digital file.