March 21, 2020

Geez…. what a strange time in the world right now. It is surreal that we are in a place where most people never imagined possible! As we try to navigate through each day and we turn on the news we are faced with new fears and uncertainties. I personally have been on a rollercoaster myself shifting from trying to be positive and moments of feeling down. I have sort of made a commitment to myself to learn new things that I have never done before, to try to push myself everyday! So what does this look like? For me I’ll take my passion to the next level and try new types photography and different techniques….

Griffin, one of my homeschoolers let me borrow him this week along with his girlfriend Birdie for some fun shots. We had a lot of laughs, it was a good reminder for me that we can truly find joy in the simple things.

Yesterday I was out walking and as I looked around I saw so many people out and about doing the same. I thought to myself for a moment -would people be outside right now walking their dog or enjoying nature if we were not in this situation? Seems unlikely. I believe that this could be the time where we can hit the reset button to slow down, to maybe decrease the pace on the treadmill of life.

So what do you plan to do with your time? The time that we all felt we never had… to maybe try something new or pursue a hobby…. I would love to hear what people are doing these days. How you are spending that most valuable resource that we call time??


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