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May 8, 2020

For the Wells High School class of 2020, prom is yet another casualty of the COVID-19 pandemic. As like many seniors across the country this is one of many time-honored traditions that our kids will lose out on. Prom, for many, is almost a rite of passage, an event that signifies that transition from teen to adult. In some ways it’s truly a final celebration of high school and a last hurrah.

Over the past few months I have watched my senior daughter and her friends try to keep it all in perspective, handling disappointment after disappointment with dignity and grace. As much as I worry about my daughter and her peers I have to believe that somewhere in this there is a silver lining. Maybe that silver lining is not actually silver at all, maybe it’s platinum or even gold. Maybe these “Gen Z” kids will come out of this more resilient, to be able to walk through life with more tenacity and grit, navigating change and handling disappointment better than most people could even imagine. We can only hope.

With the future of a traditional graduation also on the line I have been thinking of ways that I could give back, to create lasting memories for these kids who have lost out on so much already.

So I decided to create the Prom Project...

So what is the Prom Project? It is my way of giving back to these kids. Although I can’t give them their prom back I can give them some lasting memories with a complimentary photoshoot. For the young women who have purchased their prom gowns most times these gowns can’t be returned, so let’s shoot you in that gorgeous dress!! For the young men I would love to offer this to you as well.

What are the dates?

In accordance with the governor’s regulations the shoot will have to take place in June when I am legally allowed to work again as an “essential business” :). I will be shooting on Saturday June 6th from 6:00-8:15 and will add Sunday June 7th at the same time depending on the interest. The location will be determined as it gets closer. I will be shooting in 10 minute time slots and each senior will receive between 3-5 edited images in your dress or suit/tux.

Who is eligible?

Any 2020 Wells Ogunquit High School Senior who planned on attending prom

How do you sign up?

You can contact me via email or DM me on Instagram or FB and I will put you on a list. Once I have the time slots worked out I will send you an email with your set time and a link to sign a model release. That day you can show up at the set time and I will text you when it is your turn.

Safety precautions

I will be shooting with a 200 mm lens so I will be 6 feet from my subject at all times. If you would prefer that I wear a mask I will have one available to wear.

Other details…

Don’t worry if you have not had your dress tailored, if you want to clip the dress from behind or even if the dress is too long we can easily work with it – even if it’s not a perfect fit! If you would like to shoot with your prom date and you have been exposed to each other already I am comfortable with that as well. If you haven’t purchased your dress but still want to shoot with me feel free to borrow one from a friend!


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