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Meet Christine

Photographer/ Mom / Dog-Lover/ Caffeine obsessed /
Domestically challenged/ Make-up & Fashion  Junkie

Hi,  I’m Chris!  I am located in Southern Maine.  I love this job… a LOT!  I am one of the lucky ones who grew up in a family of amazing artists who constantly encouraged creativity!  I feel blessed, really blessed!  My husband & children are amazingly supportive and beyond patient with my crazy ideas (that I test on them quite frequently).  To say I bribe them all with photo shoots would be an understatement, dogs included :).   I am incredibly inspired by fashion, so in many cases I help style my shoots…. I absolutely  love that part!   My ultimate goal is to create images that exude emotion from my subjects: happy, serious, curious or whatever else you bring that day!  I look forward to meeting  you :)!!





Feel Free to drop me a note with any questions you may have, I typically respond back within 24-48 hours!