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What is my vibe?

My style is very fashion-focused, so you will see that my work typically reflects this.  I love editorial styled shoots as well as styled fashion photography.  I often work with models and clients for head shots as well as portraiture.

Where do we start?

I start by getting to know you. I will want to know what you are looking to achieve. It is important that we communicate over email several times prior to the shoot. We will discuss locations and styling over email. The styling component is an important element in creating the mood of the portrait. I work closely with the majority of my clients in terms of styling, location etc… Sessions run smoothly when we have a creative concept to work off of.

What are sessions like?

Sessions are relaxed and fun. Most decisions regarding location and styling will take place prior to the day of the shoot so we can have a fun and stress free session. With that being said children are unpredictable so it’s my job to be ready for anything.  Children will read their parents so keeping the environment relaxed makes for a much smoother shoot.  I will often have the parents step away so I can connect with my subject one on one.  I typically spend one and a half to two hours with my clients. If we are shooting outside with natural light the most ideal time to shoot is 2 hours prior to sunset. If we are shooting inside we will only use lighting that emulates natural light.

What about after the session?

It typically takes 2 weeks for me to edit your session. Once finished, I will provide you with an online gallery for your review. Ordering should take place within 3 weeks of posting your online gallery. This should give you plenty of time to narrow down and select your images.